Saturday, December 31, 2011

My last blog post for 2011

I was in the middle of my indoor cycling exercise when I suddenly decided to make a blog post before 2011 ends. I started reminiscing all my activities, travels, accomplishments, and the worst events that happened to me during the year. After browsing all the pictures (good thing I labeled all of it by month) and also this blog, I can say that over all, it's a good year; full of learning and experience and there a lot of people to thank for giving me chance to explore and know myself more.
I haven't reviewed yet my 2011 bucket list. I think there are a lot of items in the list that I wasn't able to accomplish but still I'm happy since there are some things that I was able to experience that were not included in the list.
New Year’s resolution? Nah!. Not my style. Not that I can't keep my word but I'm more of a non believer. :-) I have a positive outlook on the things that will happen this 2012 and hopefully it will be the year for me. :-)

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Recently, Lorraine and I decided to go back into playing football. We wanna feel the ball again and kick it with our spikes. It's been a year since the last time we played. Going back wasn’t a bad decision at all. Even if we always have body aches and dark skin after the game, we still wanna do it over and over again.

This morning was one the most fun games we played. We had the chance to play under the rain. We played for 2 hours with guys as the majority players. We really had some effort keeping up with them and kicking the ball hard because of the swampy field. Well, swampy field is better than muddy. I remembered my experience during our tournaments when I was in college. I have to bear the smell and pull my feet every time it got stuck into the mud. Anyway, here are some pics of Lorraine's spikes(puma) and also my spikes(adidas) after the game.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shoot with Mixie and friends

At last, this photo shoot came to reality but sad to say we did it with on a day with bad weather and with bad lighting. Since we really wanted it to happen, we took the risk.

This is Mickey the model. She wasn't shy and she even enjoyed posing in front of  the camera. No need further demo on how to do it.
This picture was taken during the make up session. Make up artist is my friend Jo with the assistant Jossen.

Mickey with Debbie (the director). This pic was taken before the start of the shoot.

Here are some pics and poses taken at the rooftop somewhere in Makati.

 Can't wait for another photo shoot and this time it will be with better lighting. :-)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Summer destination 2011: Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera gave me a welcome for the second time. But this time, I'm with new and old set of travel buddies. Due to "our friend's" demand, we came back here. We want him to enjoy and experience what Galera "offers".

Looks like, people still love Galera. It was a mixture of different gender, male (straight and gays), female (straight and lesbians). Hehehe. They all love to hang out at the shore but what excite them the most is the party at the beach at night,very entertaining!. They've got firedancers, clubs, drinks, food, crazy people walking around, dancing and "making friends".  

What I enjoyed most is our hotel. They have pool, billiards, free transpo from hotel to white beach and friendly staff.

If you want a place to spot crazy people and stuff or if you want to let out something or  have "freedom" of your hidden personality, Galera is the place.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baguio Trip [1]: Safari lodge

Just want to share a glimpse of our Baguio City trip. We had a trip to Baguio to experience the Panagbenga festival and also the weather.  I wasn’t able to post and share this right away due to subsequent trips.
I divided Baguio trip into parts so that I can show details of places we visited.

When you go to Baguio for the Panagbenga festival, make sure to book a place to stay 1 month ahead and just to remind you, they have higher rates during the festival.

We stayed at Safari lodge. The owner of this lodge is a foreigner and is an amateur hunter somewhere in Africa. Well, you would agree once you enter and see whats in the lobby. They have heads of different animals as decor in their lobby/restaurant and front desk.

Safari lodge is just along Leonard Road. The problem is they have a small signage but good thing is, it is just in front of Botanical garden. You can use it as a landmark. Once you've spotted the sign, you need to walk or drive up a little bit to reach the lodge.


 This is the view of the lodge from the outside. It is an American inspired house.

This is my favorite part of the lodge. The jungle like lobby where you can see the heads of the different animals the owner hunted. Attached also on the wall are the pictures of the actual hunt of each of the animal. The lobby also has a fireplace and also serves as restaurant and dining area.

The front desk is connected with the lobby. Once you enter the house the fireplace(with elephant's head) is at the left side while the front desk is at the right side.

This is the hallway and the little lobby/fireplace and dining area before going to the rooms. I don't have picture of our rooms 'coz I didn't like it that much and we had bad experiences with their bathroom.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Enjoying Thai food @ Oody’s Thai Rice Noodles 'n Bar

Oody's offers Thai food, noodles, rice and dessert that you can enjoy. One of the highlights also are their drinks. They also have cute diner set. The ambiance is ok but they have small place.

Just to share what they have, I took pictures of the food that we ordered during our dinner at the place.

This is what they call Pad Thai Shrimp. It tasted kinda weird at first but I enjoyed it till the last noodle and definitely going to try it again.

The  dishis what they call Seafood in Yellow Curry. I am not a fan of curry but still it tasted fine. The dish at the right is the Bagoong rice with mango at the side and egg at the top. 

I forgot to look for the details of this dish. I love the squid, it's chewy and tasted sweet.

This one is the Chicken Pandan. I love this food. The last time I ate one of these was when I was still in Iloilo. Good thing they have this one coz I miss eating this a lot.

Try eating at this resto. You might enjoy it as well. It is located at Greenbelt 3.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lake Sebu Zipline adventure

I heard from my mom that there's a zipline near our place (Koronadal). It is situated in Lake Sebu (about 45 mins away from our place). I thought it’s just a short distance zipline but after few researches, I found out   that it wasn’t.  It is a two way zipline, the first one is the longest(about 700 meters) and the second one has a distance of 300 meters. I was amazed ‘coz it was even featured in Sports Unlimited.  What made me excited was you can see 7 falls and enjoy flying above it and 200 meter height . Since I’m going to have a vacation and visit our town, I decided to visit the place and beg my mom, dad and brother to go zipline whatever it takes. :-)

Parking lot before going down falls 1, 2 and starting point of zipline.
The first of the seven falls. Reachable among the seven and is walking distance from the starting point of the zipline. The waterfall view id coupled with a misty air.

 Starting point view. The zipline costs 250 pesos back and forth.

Picture taken at the end of the first zipline. In the picture are the falls 3,4,5. You can see top view of these as you do the first zip.

First zipline

Second zipline